Sunday, August 1, 2021


Well, I guess it's time to celebrate. MODALIZER+ V6 is being released today. Seriously, it's been a long journey. We started working on this version more than two years ago. This been a team work of many people. Evgenia that was in charge of the DICOMIZER-MODALIZER product line since its beginning, Bezalel that designed the new UI, Bar that finished the work and added the latest features, and also David and Rotem that helped allong the way. Additionally, this release completes the work on all HRZ V6 products: MODAIZER-SDK DICOM Library, ZiKiT PACS Server and now MODALIZER+.

So, what's new in MODALIZER+ V6? The first thing you will notice is of course the new graphic design.

MODALIZER+ V6 Home Screen

The new MODALIZER+ is colorful. You will also notice the colors are following into the different workflows, allowing the user to distinguish between them, as we realized that some of the screens look very similar to one another. Also, there's usability, you will notice larger fonts and wider spaces.

One of the more important features in the new MODALIZER+ is the secure DICOM network protocol. Though this feature was already available in MODALIZER+ 5.5.1, this release completes this effort.

There are many new improvements in this version that you will notice when working with it and you can also check the release notes but what I do want to talk about is the business model.

If you told me back in 2010 when I release DICOMIZER for iPhone that 11 years after I'm still going to play with it, I would have never believed you. 
the iOS DICOMIZER Logo from 2010

So, the business model. The new MODAZLIER+ is offered in a subscription model. Just like all other software vendors in the world, I have also came to realize that in order to sustain a long term software product development effort, you have to have a steady and justifying revenue stream out of it. Once in a while I get these emails from customers that are still using version 2 or 3 or 4 and suddenly their computer (sometimes running windows xp or windows 7) died and now they want a new copy. No problem I say, buy a new license. But we have purchased a license in 2010, they answer, and that's true, you also purchased a Windows XP license right? Why you don't call Microsoft? You get the point, right ...

So the new MODALIZER+ is a subscription. Currently offered at $150/year and there's a monthly subscription for $15/month, very similar to office 365 for example. The subscription license is transferable, so if you installed on one computer and after a month you want it on a different computer you can do this. The payments can be made with PayPal using other a paypal account or credit card. We worked on a license system that allows you to activate online as well as offline because sometimes your computer will be behind a firewall which is understandable. One thing, if your computer is disconnected, buy an annual license so you don't have to fill in the code manually every month. And if you want to purchase multiple copies that's of course most welcome, just contact us on the web site.

One last thing, like before there's a 30 days free evaluation so go ahead, download, install and see if it suits your needs. I hope it does.

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