Thursday, August 27, 2020

Sending DICOM files indexed in a DICOMDIR on a DICOM CD to PACS using PowerShell and MODALIZER-SDK

 I'm posting this PowerShell script in response to a question I got about sending DICOM files on a CD to PACS. 

This functionality is available in MODALIZER+ from the View menu simply by right clicking the Study item at the top study panel and selecting "Send to". The PACS AE title has to be configured first in the settings.

But, for the automation enthusiasts, here's a PowerShell script that do the same. Recalling on DICOMDIR, a DICOM CD or DVD has a file called DICOMDIR in the root path that references all DICOM files on the media. This script iterates through the DICOMDIR records to collect all referenced files, then it send them using DCXREQ.Send command to the PACS.

Here it is. Enjoy!

 # Send DICOMDIR Patients to PACS