Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sneak Peek into DICOMIZER 2.0.5 DICOM Viewer

[update 24 March 2023: Latest releases of HRZ software can be found on HRZ website -]

We are working hard on the upcoming release of DICOMIZER 2.0.5 with integrated DICOM Viewer. This project really shows how easy it is to build DICOM applications with RZDCX. The DICOMIZER and DICOM Viewer are written using C# and use RZDCX DICOM SDK for all the DICOM Services: Storage, Query/Retrieve, Modality Worklist Query, Reading DICOMDIR and Creating new DICOM Objects.
Actually it all started when I decided to gather all our code examples, test applications and code snippets and combine them all together into one big demo Application. We took the DICOMIZER and added to it The Modality Worklist SCU Example. It made sense so we've added the Query/Retrieve SCU Example too. Then, after releasing DCXIMG.GetBitmap, it became very clear that the best way to demonstrate it is by writing a little DICOM Viewer. And so, here we are drifting away into something I always avoided but now can't really remember why.

The main panel has now 7 buttons. You can see the version id as well. This helps.

DICOMIZER 2.0.5 Main Menu
When you drag a DICOM file or even an entire folder and drop them on the DICOMIZER window, the DICOM Viewer display them.

The DICOM Viewer showing a DICOM CT Study

You can drag DICOM files on the DICOMIZER Application or Shortcut icons and they will display.

At this point, we have three areas on the window:

  • The top panel shows the Patients and Studies.
  • The left panel shows Series thumbnails
  • The center main panel shows the current image.
Scroll through the series' images is done using the up and down arrows or using the toolbar.
That's all for now, the rest you case see (the toolbar icons are quite standard from the BIR document).
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