Thursday, January 28, 2010

XRFiles is an online personal archive for medical imaging exams.
Using XRFiles anyone can upload, view and share their X-Rays, Ultrasounds, CT's and other medical images.
You probably know that this kind of images don't just open and show when you click (or double click) them on your computer. Many times they are just too big to send by email. XRFiles provides a solution to all that with a simple Upload-Share-View cycle.
Once uploaded, all DICOM Images are processed and listed in the exams page.
The user can review them online using the browser embeded viewer and invite others to review them.
While common web DICOM viewers either compromise quality by converting the images to jpeg or require software installation in the form of ActiveX components or stand alone applications, the XRFiles viewer doesn't require all that and still keep the full image quality including contrast/brightness settings for 16 bit grayscales, utilizing unique IP protected imaging technology. This eliminates all the administration and security hustle that usually involves web viewers distribution.
Another interesting element of the XRFiles web site is the sleek upload process that let you upload simply by dragging and dropping your files on the Transfer Manager Java application.
And in case you're about to ask, the service is free of charge.