Sunday, January 24, 2016

A ready-made DICOM Software that fits your needs - MODALIZER!

[update 24 March 2023: latest HRZ softwarecan be found on HRZ website -]

Its here, its ready, its published, MODALIZER, Take it for a ride! This DICOM Application is really a game changer! We took our DICOM Toolkit, combined it with our examples, mixed in our stand alone software and created the MODALIZER. Its an amazing software waiting for your imaging device to turn it into something big.

Lets say you're developing a new imaging technology and now you want to integrate it into the PACS environment. Take MODALIZER, configure your image capture application as the EXAP and that's it! MODALIZER takes care of all the rest.

Look at this DIAGRAM:
MODALIZER is a stand-alone DICOM application that implements an Imaging Modality according to the IHE Scheduled Workflow (SWF) Technical Framework. MODALIZER provides all the UI and the DICOM integration. The imaging part is performed by your technology that MODALIZER launches to the front after collection the patient and study details. Your image capture program acquire the images and then gives back the control to MODALIZER to complete the study. So simple. 
And it comes with DICOM Conformance Statement and even more you can license its source code! Check it our on our web site.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

DICOM Conformance Statement

[update 24 March 2023: latest HRZ softwarecan be found on HRZ website -]

During the process of writing the DICOM Conformance Statement of DICOMIZER 5.0 I realized its been on my task list for more than two years! Its a complicated documented to write but two years ... that's a personal record.

So, what's the thing with this document, the DICOM Conformance Statement (aka DCS). Is it important? Is it mandatory to have one for your DICOM application? Why, When and How to read it? When to write one?

This is from the DICOM Standard:

"By comparing the Conformance Statements from two different implementations, a knowledgeable user should be able to determine whether and to what extent communications might be supported between the two implementations."
And of course the key here is "a knowledgeable user" ha ha!

DICOM Conformance Statement is a very technical document that describes (and some would even go further and say specifies) the DICOM capabilities of a product, a system, software or medical device.

There are two reasons to open the DCS:
1. To evaluate a product, before a purchase for example and,
2. When something goes wrong (maybe because you skipped #1 above).

There's a reason for this chapter position, very deep into the DICOM Tutorial. In order to be able to use the information in the DICOM Conformance Statement one has to have substantial experience and profound understanding of the DICOM standard and its fine details.

Lets take an example. You have a system that produces PDF reports and you want to attach them to the imaging studies in your PACS so when opening the study from the PACS workstation the images and the reports can be reviewed together. That's a nobel goal indeed.