About Me

Hi! Welcome to Dicom is Easy, guys! 
My name is Roni and I'm so happy to have you here.
I live in Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL, 
very close to the beach with my beautiful wife and our three charming little boys.

Had you asked me what I like to do, 
I would have definatly told you Windsufing! 

But a man's got to do what a man's got to do 
and I'm much better in programming than in windsurfing. 
I'm so good at programming that I can make a living out of it!
 I wish I could say that about windsurfing ...

Software programming is big like an ocean 
and my career led me to charming little bay
 on the beautiful coast line of medical applications 
and this is what I do for quite a while now. 

Like in the sea, the deeper you dive less fish do you see. 
Eventually I realized that being a DICOM Expert makes more sense 
when you have customers than when you are an employee.
And so, after more than a decade of software engineering positions, 
I started my own consulting business that evolved 
into a medical software workshop 
and this is what I do nowadays. 

I mean, when not windsurfing, of course ...


  1. Hi Roni,

    Great site ! I've been working with DICOM now for 6 years and I've still just scratched the surface of understanding and not as a programmer either, thanks for sharing !

    All the Best,
    Paul from the UK

  2. Hi Roni,

    Thanks for sharing such information, this is very helpful.

    Yuvraj from india

  3. Hi Roni,

    I have been working PACS system, DICOM viewer for 7 years. I can still get a lot useful information from your site. Thank you and good work.

  4. Hi
    how are you ? iam need to create dicom with multiframe and how to get all image from it
    please help me

    1. There are couple of methods for doing this:
      To create multiframe use: SetJpegFrames or SetBitmapFrames API.
      See http://rzdcx.roniza.com/interface_i_d_c_x_o_b_j.html#a239517188fde822c3366adf1ee0978e7
      To get the frames you can use DCXIMG GetBitmap: http://rzdcx.roniza.com/interface_i_d_c_x_i_m_g.html#a2b02ac8e09cda458ddb74ebcb04eb3bb

  5. Hi Rony,
    I enjoyed all your articles.
    I am working on PACS, Dicom workstations and interfaces since last 8 years.
    Your articles helped me understand some of the complicated concepts in simpler way.
    Thanks for the work.
    Amit from India

  6. Roni,

    With the help of your site, I wrote some code that reads and reorients a study for display. All was working fine until I opened an axial series that was acquired F->H (opposite to what I had experienced) and my code had confused head & feet (so the coronal & sagittal slices were "upside down"). However, other DICOM viewers were not confused. I looked at the ImageOrientationPatient and two series (one acquired H->F and the other F->H but they looked (essentially) the same. See below.

    Subject A) 1 \ -1.89e-010 \ 7.78e-011 \2.05e-010 \0.92 \-0.38
    Subject B) 0.99 \-0.02 \ 0.038 \ 0.009 \0.958 \ 0.284

    I *thought* one (or both) of the "1's" for one patient would be "-1".

    I guess all I'm asking is how to determine the direction of acquisition from the DICOM header and whether this can be derived from the ImageOrientationPatient.



    1. Hi Dan,
      Check C. Image Position. It may be the difference

  7. Roni,

    My understanding of all this is that I should be able to determine the direction in which images are acquired. For example, for images acquired axially, I thought that the ImageOrientationPatient parameters for a series acquired H->F would be the same as for a series acquired F->H except that one of the row or column projection would be -1 (instead of 1). HOWEVER, I have two series that fit the above description but the ImageOrientationPatient parameters are the same! So is the PatientPosition (HFS).

    Am I missing something?



    1. Hi Dan,
      Very sorry for the late response. I suspect that I stopped getting alerts when comments are made.
      Is there a chance to get one file of each of the studies?
      Put it in an encrypted zip file with password please.

  8. Respect! I'm also in DICOM and windsurfing, but with 2 children only :-)

    Is that Tushingam sail?

  9. Yes, that's an old 8.0 sail. I don't have it any more.

  10. Hi Roni, Shalom!

    I've just started working as support for a PACS product and I'm happy to found your website. Keep up the good work.


  11. we used your information in a presentation at the University of Victoria in Canada. Thank you so much. You made it very accessible and clear. We cited you as needed.

  12. Hi Roni,

    Excellent source of information on DICOM. Do you happen to have contents on PACS? Much appreciated.

  13. Hi Roni,

    I am try to create an application for generate report for USG. How to receive DICOM files from USG machine to my personal computer.

  14. Roni muchas gracias, me has. ayudado muchísimo