Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DICOMIZER 3.0.3 Release Notes

[update 24 March 2023: latest HRZ softwarecan be found on HRZ website -]

The new build of DICOMIZER 3.0.3 is now available on our web site. This build addresses couple of minor issues that were found since the last release.

#155 License is installed only for installed user
#157 Default MWL query with Local AE Title checkbox use wrong AE
#159 Make "Thank you" on the activation end screen clickable

The new DICOMIZER is available for free 30 days evaluation. It was released few weeks ago and we get great feedback on it.

The most notable feature of the DICOMIZER 3.0 is the TWAIN/WIA interface that connects to supporting devices. The user can capture images directly from DICOMIZER and convert them to DICOM files.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's the kitchen table for me

Written Expression Skills is the #1 requirement from every member in a  distributed development team

I love working from the kitchen table. After everyone in the house has left to their day, I take my laptop, a paper pad, a pencil, today's newspaper and a cup of Espresso and enjoy the silence and the space. These are my most productive hours. The kitchen's radio is playing classical music and I dive deep into my work.
Working from the Kitchen Table
Some members in our team live just few blocks away from each other, others live in another city and some are hundreds of miles away. It doesn't make much difference. Physical distance plays lesser role today then time zone.

Like our team, there are many others. They have learned to collaborate with team members that rarely meet face to face. People from different nations and different cultures that share a common passion to software and computers, byte crunchers, geeks, designers, artists, that enjoy the great versatility of the digital world.

Some of us maybe in different locations, away from the others, but they are not alone because we have a live and active communication channel, through which we are writing emails, chatting, sending smileys :) and thumbs ups (y), tickets and documents that we use to create great things together.

The internet opened new doors for international collaboration. Good communication has always been a key to success in almost everything and as communication became more and more efficient, successful projects get completed faster and better today then ever before.

But while this works in favor of team members that no longer need to spend hours commuting or others that get better paying oportunities, virtual teams sets new challenges to managers. Marisa Mayer decided that working from home is not good for Yahoo and shut it down. Intel on the other hand encourage employees to work from home ocasionally.

Managers of the traditional office work environment, that have strengths like charisma, excellent Verbal Expression Skills, eye contact, even looks, may

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


[update 24 March 2023: Latest releases of HRZ software can be found on HRZ website -]

I'm very happy to announce our new DICOMIZER 3 is now available for download and evaluation.
This version has both TWAIN/WIA API and DICOM Structured Reports.
Adding the image capture and reporting makes the DICOMIZER 3 a complete product for patient encounter documentation.
DICOMIZER 3 also features enhanced viewer with Cine and improved performance.

The table bellow compares DICOMIZER 3 with the older DICOMIZER 2 that is still available for evaluation and purchase, now in a reduced price.
DICOM SRCompose and add Structured Report to StudyNoYes
ConvertJPEG to DICOMYesYes
Create DICOM Multiframe ObjectsYesYes
Conversion TemplatesYesYes
DICOM to JPEG (Save As)NoYes
Converted Images PreviewNoYes
Converted Images ThumbnailsNoYes
DICOM ViewerMulti-Modality DICOM ViewerYesYes
DICOM Header Display with SearchYesYes
Optimized Instant load of long cine runsNoYes
Send from Viewer to PACSNoYes
Open file locationNoYes
Add DICOM CD Viewer to Burned CDYesYes
DICOM NetworkModality Worklist QueryYesYes
Modality Worklist Query Advanced SearchLess(less fields)Yes
Qurery/Retrieve SCU (C-FIND/C-MOVE)Less(less fields)Yes
Q/R Auto DisplayNoYes
Send converted DICOM Files to PACS (C-STORE)YesYes
Send Other DICOM FIles to PACS (C-STORE)NoYes
Verification (C-ECHO)YesYes
DICOM LogsYesYes

Unlinke DICOMIZER 2, this version requires email registration to evaluate. We do this hoping to have better connection with our users and customers. The evaluation license is valid for 30 days.