Monday, March 30, 2009

Known bug: Linking tables using same key field

The following problem was reported and identified ion HL7Kit Pro.
The program fails to identify a parent-child relationship between two tables where the relationship columns have the same name for example if two tables have a foreign key where the primary key column name is 'id' and the foreign key column is also called 'id'.

Workaround: rename one of the columns.

Ticket #: 146

HL7Kit Pro Example project

[update 24 March 2023: latest HRZ ZiKiT Server can be found on HRZ website -]

Following the release of HL7Kit Pro, we'll be uploading sample projects to demonstrate the functionality of this great product.

The first example, just uploaded today, shows how to use HL7Kit Pro to process an incomming patient admit message (ADT^A01 Event).

The example includes a zip file with readme instructions, a SQL script to create the example database, a mapping file and a test message.

Just follow the instructions in the readme file.

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Release of RZDCX

RZDCX 1.0.05 is release with new features and bug fixes.
Most noteable are the new compression options and fixes to enable better creation of DICOM Image Objects.

Here are the new features and bug fixes:

135 Save file does not create Part 10 Meta Header
136 Sequence Elements are not encoded correctly when saving
137 Added compression options for Jpeg Lossless and Jpeg Lossy
138 OnStoreDone is not called if C-STORE failed
139 CommitFiles and CommitInstances return empty string
140 Added C++ Image Example
141 Query sends cancel when it should continue (true/false mismatch)
142 Float-2-String test failes due to double-float mismatch
143 Setting sequence with empty iterator never returns

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HL7Kit Pro 1.2 Released!

We're proud to announce the release of HL7Kit Pro.
This product is the full version of HL7Kit and HL7FreeSender that were released in 2008.

With HL7Kit Pro you're just 20 minutes away from HL7 Integration.
No programming required!

Checkout the product site at [update 24 March 2023: latest HRZ ZiKiT Server can be found on HRZ website -]

Here's a screen shot of the GUI Interface Design Tool.