Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Using the DICOM File Meta Information to Identify a DICOM file

[update 24 March 2023: Latest releases of HRZ software can be found on HRZ website -]

I know I shouldn't do this but I'll do it anyway and apologize for not posting as frequent as before. This is for very good reason that I'm very busy with everyday work. One little example is the new DICOMIZER 2.0 released just few days ago and this is just a tiny project that my involvement in was really limited to giving some guidelines to the team. Naturally, the new DICOMIZER uses RZDCX. It is written in C# and uses the new features of version of the DICOM Toolkit that all of them were requested by readers of this blog and of course our loved customers. I hope to release some code snippets from the new release soon but in this post, just before getting to the main subject (identifying DICOM files), I want to describe the new GetBitmap call of DCXIMG that returns a bitmap in memory and is used in the new DICOMIZER when you drag a DICOM file on top of the application. Here's a screenshot.

The little code that do the trick follows.