Sunday, May 15, 2011

RZDCX DICOM Library Release

The new release of RZDCX - Fast Strike DICOM Toolkit addresses customers change requests and enhancements.
The change log is detailed in the following table.

253newfixedMar 23zroniRZDCXMar 23zroni53Limit log file sizeedit
254newfixedApr 20zroniRZDCX10:52zroni33Support Unicode filenamesedit

256newfixedMay 14zroniRZDCXMay 14zroni53Add Status Detail to Error Messageedit

All changes does not affect the default behavior of the DICOM Library.

Change #253 addresses the size of the log file. This change enables the user to set a size limit in terms of number of messages in the file. The change introduces new methods to the DCXAPP interface that control the log file size and filename. For more information please read the DICOM Library Documentation page dealing with DICOM Diagnostics and Logging.

Change #254 adds support for Unicode filenames. After this change, all method parameters that carry filenames (e.g. OnStoreSetup, OnStoreDone, SaveFile, openFile, Send, CommitFiles) may use Unicode filenames strings. For example, if your application requires to save DICOM files with names with Mandarin characters, this is now supported.

Change #256 adds more information to the error description that is provided when a DICOM command fails by dumping all optional command attributes that were provided by the peer application into the error description string. The status details attributes are optional elements that a SCP may provide when commands fail. These may be a list of offending elements or other information that can help diagnose the problem. See for example DICOM Stabdard part 7, Section describing N-CREATE Status Detail.