Friday, March 27, 2009

New Release of RZDCX

RZDCX 1.0.05 is release with new features and bug fixes.
Most noteable are the new compression options and fixes to enable better creation of DICOM Image Objects.

Here are the new features and bug fixes:

135 Save file does not create Part 10 Meta Header
136 Sequence Elements are not encoded correctly when saving
137 Added compression options for Jpeg Lossless and Jpeg Lossy
138 OnStoreDone is not called if C-STORE failed
139 CommitFiles and CommitInstances return empty string
140 Added C++ Image Example
141 Query sends cancel when it should continue (true/false mismatch)
142 Float-2-String test failes due to double-float mismatch
143 Setting sequence with empty iterator never returns

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