Introduction to DICOM

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  1. If you wanted to retrieve say a 1000 files from an offsite storage facility using DICOM Q/R, when the query is initiated, will all the files be returned en masse all at onceand then processed or will they be retieved and processed one file at a time. Obviuosly the second way wull be much more time consuming?

    1. DICON does not dictate implementation details, only the interface. The way an application process a query is internal. Some may first make all online and then serve while others may make files online one by one and serve as they arrive. But all must adhere to the protocol. Look at it as a football match. DICOM is the rules of the game. You are asking about the coach strategy.

  2. Hello Roni, Do you know if any libraries can be used with Android?

  3. How are annotations stored for a dicom object once radiologist draws a linear measurement in the diagnostic viewer?