Thursday, November 1, 2018

HL7Kit 2018 - Integrated DICOM and HL7 Solution

Yo! It's been a while ... no posts since June 2016 :-§

Maybe its because when you do there's less time to talk, ah? Anyway, I finally got some time for it and that's because HRZ have finally officially released HL7Kit 2018. Yeah! Check this beautiful little web site we've published for the occasion. Let me tell you about this product that my team and I worked so hard to push through the door.

For those of you that worked with the kit before, the first thing you will notice is the new UX. We've invested in usability and graphic design to make the kit nicer and simpler to use.

HL7Kit desktop applications shortcuts and the control panel

Another improvement is that now the installation and evaluation is much simpler because after installation (which is just a series of next-next-nexts) everything works with an internal SQLite database and by everything I mean everything! DICOM Storage, Q/R, Modality Worklist MPPS, and HL7 Orders ORM^O01 and Schedules SIU^S12 that are automatically mapped to Modality Worklist entries. Apart for the fact that it makes evaluation a snap, it also makes it really attractive for
embedded solutions on tablets that are part of Medical Devices, and we have couple of projects with our customers that took the kit as is with the SQLite database and embedded it into their device for DICOM and/or HL7 messaging.

Hearing SQLite some of you may say something like "well that's a nice little software for small scale operations" but you're wrong! The same kit exactly hooked with MS-SQL Server Database is serving as a PACS/RIS solution (after upgrade from earlier versions that served for 5 years already) connecting more than 200 Ultrasound devices in 60 locations providing DICOM Storage, Q/R and Modality Worklist and MPPS. So, yes its scaleable. From the tablet in a single device through full scale PACS with multiple servers running in parallel over the same MS-SQL database providing redundancy and scalability. I love this kit!

Then there's the issue of support. We now offer 1 year email support included with the kit's price and that's because we came to realize that our customers want support. They want to know that we will be there for them to give a hand and advice and we do this with great joy.

And there's a lot more. Check our the release notes on the mini site, the user's manual and soon, very soon, I hope, there's gonna be new video tutorials 🤞

So what can the kit do for you?

It's A PACS! 

Our DICOM Server (DSRSVC) comes built in with the kit providing Scaleable DICOM Archive with Storage, Q/R and SCM. It supports all major SOP Classes including DICOM SR, DICOM Encapsulated PDF, and DICOM Video Transfer Syntaxes (MPEGs and its variants). SOP Classes and Transfer Syntaxes are configurable at the AE Title Level.

It's an HL7 Integration Engine

When you hear "integration engine" immediately you think $$$ and that's because of the business models common with other vendors that focus on selling services. The kit do the same. The idea is to empower sys admins and non-programmers to set up complex integration using HL7, DICOM and Database. Using the kit's Mapper one can configure complex integration simply by drag and drop. What we try to do, and I believe we succeed in it, is to make the task of Healthcare IT simpler and less expensive. You can use the kit to integrate with EMR, HIS, RIS, LIS, CIS, PACS and many more xIS's and other acronyms that stand for all kind of healthcare information systems.

It's a Modality Worklist Server

That's maybe the most popular application of the kit. Just take it out of the box and connect it to your database where all the scheduling data is stored and boom! you can connect imaging modalities to it and let them get patient and procedure data automatically. 

My time runs out and I have to go. Guys, this kit is a result of hard work and naturally I don't see it faults and I'm sure there are but still, I truly believe its a great product because I use it daily with our customers and I see how it saves them time and money. Give it a try and tell me how you like it.


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