Monday, September 23, 2013

Standalone DICOM Viewer at last

[update 24 March 2023: latest HRZ softwarecan be found on HRZ website -]

For years I avoided developing a DICOM Viewer. In my mind, developing a DICOM viewer was just too much work for a small team. Well, not any more. The new DICOMIZER is now capable of displaying DICOM Studies, series and images and is equipped with the common display tools. It turned out that with RZDCX the work of making a DICOM Viewer is not so complicated.
DICOMIZER 2.0.7 Start Screen

Its been a busy period for H.R.Z. Software Services LTD. We've made lots of new projects and along the way tried to keep up with new developments. One of the good things we found out while dining theses projects is that RZDCX performs very well with development tools other then Microsoft Visual Studio. For example, we are now completing a DICOM software with Qt that uses RZDCX DICOM Toolkit for the DICOM layer.

In this post I would like to review quickly the new features in the latest DICOMIZER release.

The DICOM Conversion Wizard

This part of DICOMIZER didn't change much. The one thing we've added is the option to add DICOMIZER to the destination folder when creating a DICOM CD as can be seen in the screenshot below.

So now, when converting files to DICOM you can also add the DICOMIZER.exe application to the root folder of the converted data. And, when you double click the DICOMIZER.exe it will automatically display the files in the DICOMIDIR. So this leads us to the DICOM Viewer.

DICOMIZER is a standalone DICOM Viewer

So now, DICOMIZER is a standalone DICOM Viewer. You can view DICOM files simply by dragging a file or a folder on to the DICOMIZER icon as you can see in this short video.
Alternatively, start DICOMIZER and then drag files on the window or click the view button.
BTW, To view the content of the DICOM file data elements, click CTRL+H.
To scroll between frames, use the down and up arrows.

Query/Retrieve SCU

We've added a Query/Retrieve SCU so you can search the PACS and see that your images are there and retrieve them back by double clicking the row.

So check the new DICOMIZER. It can be downloaded from our new download page:

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