Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DSRSVC DICOM Modality Worklist Server - Update

I got a response that the Database plugin for the DICOM Server crashes. Where was a problem in DICOM Database Plugin that didn't export the configuration symbol and as a result the server didn't pick it up.
This problem is now fixed and the new build is available on the download page. If you've downloaded version, please download version instead.
I would like to thank Igor that found this problem and reported it to me.


  1. Hello,

    I've installed the DICOM server and DICOM modality worklist as described. Now I want to test the server with the DICOM worklist client, but I get the following error message from the client "Query Failed: DIMSE no Valid presentation context id".
    Can you tell me what steps or settings I've missed?

    1. Hi,
      I've just repeated the steps of installing the Modality Worklist Service and tested it with the MWL Client and they play very nice with one another.
      Here's the steps to follow:
      - Download and extract the latest DSRSVC package
      - Rename DicomDBPlugin.DLL to DSRSVCP.DLL
      - Rename DicomServer.ini.DicomDBPlugin to DicomServer.ini
      - if your sql server instance is not called .\sqlexpress edit the DicomServer.ini to reflect your db connection string
      - Run all DB scripts in order:
      - DicomDB_CREATE_SCRIPT.sql
      - Open command line
      - CD to the server directory
      - In the command line type: DicomServer -r
      - Download an unpack the MWL Client
      - Double Click ModalityWorklist.exe
      - Change the port number to 104
      - Click MWL Query
      You should have one result for patient name AB^CD for Modality CR

    2. HI,

      I've done the steps you mentioned and it worked.
      Thanks for your information

    3. Hi,
      Possible to send patient information to modality using this for testing.i am getting error.while connecting from modality,I am not understanding the problem.Please help me.