Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A new release of ZRDCX,, was released today. This release fixes the following issues:

291codefixedJan 30Jan 30 DICOMDIR with strict = false fails on file names with .'sedit
Create filenames like ScanAndCreate(..., false) -> Exception Reported by SBX
290newfixedJan 19Jan - Single threaded C-MOVE duplexing control and dataedit
Add a method MoveAndStore to DCXREQ to allow one command that performs both the C-MOVE and the C-STORE commands on separate but semi-synced associations.
287newfixedDec 12Dec logging additions to RZDCXedit
Fix log messages when pres ctx id not found in store

Issue 291 addresses a very popular feature request to enable creation of DICOMDIR even when the filenames are not according to the standard. For example filenames with the instance uid like are not valid reference file id's according to the standard. Nevertheless, sometimes you would like to create a DICOMDIR file for other purposes other than exporting data on a CD. The ScanAndCreate method of DCXDICOMDIR takes a "strict" parameter that when set to false, will generate a DICOMDIR regardless of the validity of it's content (as long of course that the files are DICOM files).

Issue 290 is a new feature of RZDCX that enable to run a complete C-MOVE SCP with a single command including the incomming association. More about this feature in the upcoming chapter of the DICOM Tutorial.
Here's a short example

        public void MoveAndStore()
            // Create an object with the query matching criteria (Identifier)
            DCXOBJ query = new DCXOBJ();
            DCXELM e = new DCXELM();
            e.Value = DOE^JOHN";
            e.Value = @"123456789";
            // Create an accepter to handle the incomming association
DCXACC accepter = new DCXACC();
            accepter.StoreDirectory = @".\MoveAndStore";
            // Create a requester and run the query
DCXREQ requester = new DCXREQ();
                MyAETitle, // The AE title that issue the C-MOVE
                IS_AE,     // The PACS AE title
                IS_Host,   // The PACS IP address
                IS_port,   // The PACS listener port
                MyAETitle, // The AE title to send the
                query,     // The matching criteria
                104,       // The port to receive the results
                accepter); // The accepter to handle the results

This single command takes care of all the details of a C-MOVE transaction. Instead of running an accepter on another thread to wait for the C-MOVE results, we pass the accepter as a parameter to the MoveAndStore method of the requester. Note that there's a new set property in DCXACC that enables setting the directory to store the incoming files. All the callbacks of DCXACC and DCXREQ can be used as well just as before.

Issue 287 is a small log enhancement that maxes it easier to to diagnose association problems. The log now shows very clearly when a presentation context for a command was not negotiated.

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