Thursday, November 17, 2011

Special offer for the new HL7Kit Pro 1.5

The new version 1.5 of HL7Kit Pro - HL7 to Database Integration Engine was released today. To celebrate the new release, the new version is offered at only $249 and includes all 4 applications in a single installation package. We've come to realize that our users prefer having the entire product installed on the production server including the HL7 Sender, HL7 Receiver and the HL7 Mapping Tool.

The main new feature of the new release is the support of multiple protocol versions and multiple mapping rules for a single runtime service. The runtime service can be configured to use different message definition files and different mapping XML for every remote application. This feature was requested long ago by many customers and a workaround to allow this was introduced in version 1.2. Now this feature is fully integrated into the product. The new release can be downloaded here.

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