Thursday, May 13, 2010

RZDCX Release

[update 24 March 2023: check HRZ website for the latest software versions -]

The new release of RZDCX is now available on the download page of our web site.

Since the last release we've changed many things and improved the development process by using the latest tools and methodologies in order to monitor and manage the production environment ensuring that it's consistent, traceable and reproducible. Behind these big words hide even bigger words like extreme programming and continuous integration and these are backed up by great products like TeamCity for automatic building and unit testing facilities like NUnit and MSTest. All together there's now a set of systems and utilities working together to provide complete Configuration Management (CM) system:

Source Control - CVS
Issues tracking - CVSTrac
Automatic Builds - TeamCity
Unit Testing - NUnit (2.5.4), CPPUnit and MSTest
Automatic Documentation - Doxygen

    Latest Changes

    The major changes in this release are:
    • Add bare N-CREATE calls.
    • Add support for Printer SOP Class N-GET.
    • Fix Color Printing.
    • Add example for multi-frame image creation
    There are some more small fixes. Most important, there are no backwards compatibility issues and old tests are running as before. The ease of verifying this short sentence demonstrates the benefits of investing in CM.

    Print Managment

    Following a user report, we've discovered that the color printing methods doesn't work properly and fixed that. The proper way to create an Image Box is now to call GetImageBox method of the DCXPrintPage class (that represents the film box). Otherwise, you'll have to set the ColorSpace property of the Image Box before calling any other method or property.
    Additionally, there's now two new calls in the DCXREQ class that can create film sessions (color or grayscale) with additional paramteres, as for example to set number of pages or priority.
    Please check the relevant new version documentation pages for more information

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