Monday, November 17, 2008

Editing the message rules used by HL7Kit

The message rules configuration file msgRules.251 is using a similar notation to the one used in the HL7 Standard documentation.
Every line in the file represents one message definition.
The first element is the event type.
When the event type is followed by a semicolon and another event type that means that the structure of the message is defined by the event type on the left is identical to the one with event type on the right. In the example above ADT^A03 is defined to have an identical structure as ADT^A02.
When the event type is followed by a colon, a list of segment names and special grouping characters follow.
The special grouping characters are:

Elements that are not special characters or a valid segment names are regarded as aliases. Aliases are used to group segments into entities. For example, in the ADT^A01 an alias called ‘patient’ is defined. Note that the alias name comes AFTER the segments group.

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