Saturday, September 13, 2008

Building the sample applications using Visual Studio 2005

RZDCX Sample Applications include Visual Studio 2008 (Version 9) project files.
To build a sample application using Visual Studio 2005 or older versions, create an empty project and add the source files to it. In the project file set the 'use precompiled headers' option to false or add the "#include stdafx.h" instruction to the source file.
Most of the samples consist of exactly one source file so this should not be very complicated.


  1. It seems that the samples (or perhaps the library itself?) also require *static* CRT linkage, so i had to change the default /MD[d] switch into /MT[d].
    Could this be related to the other trouble i'm having?

  2. Hi Ofek,

    The module is linked statically so it should not have other dependencies in terms of C run-time libraries.
    The apps can be linked either statically or dynamically as you prefer. By default we made the MD (dynamic).