Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting Oriented using the Image Plane Module

Just before diving into how to get oriented using the Image Plane Module, so we can put the letters right in our viewer, I want to get equipped with few more latin words so we understand what Radiologists are mumbling. If you're a Doctor, please be patient with us programmers. 

Cuts! Three major cuts we have (or planes): 

Transverse (AKA Axial) divides head from feet
Axial Cut

Sagittall Cut - right between the eyes
Sagittal Cut

and Coronal Cut - the Filet
Coronal Cut

And now that we're done with Anatomy let's do some Geometry. In this post I'm going to start explaining the use of the Image Plane Module. To refresh on Modules read chapter 4 of the DICOM Tutorial. The Image Plane module is part of the CT Image IOD and the MR Image IOD and any other object that have a frame of reference, i.e. that has a spatial coordinates system related to the patient or in other words is a 3D scan of the body.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

H.R.Z. Software Services LTD and the New Logo

Im exited to announce a change of our business entity to "H.R.Z. Software Services LTD". This change is a result of a tremendous growth in the scale and number of projects that we've been doing.
The growth we're experiencing has a lot to do with the popularity of this blog. I've been getting a lot of great feedback from readers and that's a tremendous feeling. The blog statistics graph is showing it very clearly. I call it "The success graph". Thank you all for reading and for the great feedback (mostly through the contact us form). Please continue reading, commenting and asking questions.

There's also a Facebook page that you can follow if you like or like if you follow.

To celebrate the change we have a new logo. Here's a short video that shows the design process of the logo from pen scribble on paper of the H.R.Z. letters to the somewhat rough edges logo.

The transition is technical and does not affect our products and services that all continue just as before.