Sunday, February 27, 2011

RZDCX Release Adds DICOMIZER and Enhanced Logging

Update: a full featured DICOMIZER is available in the following link: The new release ( of RZDCX fast strike DICOM toolkit adds more functionality and enhanced features. As always, all new features emerge from specific user requests and address their requirements.

New example applications demonstrate the new features. Most notable is the C# DICOMIZER example that converts JPEG and Bitmap files to DICOM.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New HL7Kit Release 1.4 adds multiple destinations

We're happy to announce the new release 1.4 of HL7Kit, HL7 Integration Engine.
This release takes HL7Kit a major step forward with the new multiple-destinations feature.
With multiple destinations, HL7Kit can serve as a dispatcher for HL7 messages, sending the same message to multiple applications.
Every destination is monitored independently and has it's own retry counter, logging and error handling.
Users may select to send messages to all configured destinations or just to specific ones, depending on integration needs.
In addition, this release includes new message structure definitions for MDM messages.
A complete list of the features can be found in the updated user's manual available for download from the product support page at