Thursday, July 19, 2012

New DICOMIZER Adds Multi-Frame, PNG and Templates

DICOMIZER 1.1, a spontaneous release, adds simple Tag-Value template to add constant tags to generated DICOM files. It also has a multi-frame option and supports conversion of PNG images.
New installer is available here:


  1. I've downloaded and currently trying out the Dicomizer. I'm having trouble establishing a connection with the PACS. can you give me a detailed guide to how to go about in Step 2?

    1. 1. Pick an AE Title for your DICOMIZER and put it in Local AE field. Write it down on a paper note (case matters)
      2. Go to the PACS/PACS Admin with the paper note and check:
      - That there is a configuration with your AE (Ask the admin to configure it as a Storage SCU)
      - What is the IP address of the PACS, if you have full access to it that's easy, do ipconfig
      - What port it is listening on, look at the configuration of it or ask the admin
      - What is the AE title of it, same
      Write it all on your note.
      3. Go back to your computer
      - Put the PACS's AE in Target AE field, host and port from your note into the text boxes.
      Try again.
      -> Post here the error you get

    2. Thanks for the response,mate. Greatly appreciated.

      I'm currently requesting for the PACS info but pretty much got a clear picture of how to work my way through Step 2.

      A clarification on 1. (Pick an AE Title for your DICOMIZER)
      This means I can give my DICOMIZER any AE Title I want, correct?

      Also, it's possible that others would come and ask similar questions like the one I had. It would be great if you can make maybe a demo use of the DICOMIZER or any/all of the sample applications you have for that matter.

      Cheers to you and your work, sir. You have my respect. Have a great day.

    3. Thanks! Yes you can set the AE of the DICOMIZER with the local AE field.

  2. Hi! I'm using DICOMIZER for testing and whenever I click 'Send to PACS', i get an error that says: "Echo Failed: DUL Association Rejected".

    Do you have an idea what could be causing this? Also, what is your suggested solution?

  3. Hi!
    Yes, it is probably because you have one of the AE titles wrong.
    The host and port are correct so you get the connection but then the PACS compares the AE titles and they may not match.
    Check that you have set the PACS AE title right (its case sensitive) and that your AE title isq configured in the PACS.

  4. Any chance that you can put a worklist on it and allow it to use a TWAIN scanner as a source?

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Absolutely possible but may take a while due to current workload.
      Maybe you can help with that? From your request for source I guess you can code too.
      MWL Client already exists in source in this post:
      And DICOMIZER is also available as source here:
      Combine the two, add TWAIN, publish here link to the source code (under BSD or LGPL or equivalent) and you'll get from me 30 redist RZDCX toolkit licenses or 3 RZDCX server licenses worth $3000. PLease contact me by mail for other compensation/colaboration idea,