Sunday, February 27, 2011

RZDCX Release Adds DICOMIZER and Enhanced Logging

Update: a full featured DICOMIZER is available in the following link: The new release ( of RZDCX fast strike DICOM toolkit adds more functionality and enhanced features. As always, all new features emerge from specific user requests and address their requirements.

New example applications demonstrate the new features. Most notable is the C# DICOMIZER example that converts JPEG and Bitmap files to DICOM.


Two new methods added to IDCXOBJ makes the task of creating DICOM files from jpegs and bitmaps extreamly easy. Check the new DICOMIZER C# Example in the documentation pages and the more detailed C++ example in the examples zip file.
This version supports a single frame. Next version will support adding multiple frames to a single file.

Enhanced Logging

The logging functionality in the DCXAPP class was enhanced to include timestamp, thread id and log level for every log message.

Set raw data into data element

This 'a bit crude' feature, added to DCXELM enables pushing into a data element raw data in the form of a memory buffer (IntPtr). The requirement came up as a workaround for supporting Chinese. Full support for DICOM extended character sets is on the road-map.

List of fixes

187todofixed2010 AprzroniRZDCXDec 31zroni33Create example for creating US3D (sup 43) objectedit
188newfixed2010 AprzroniRZDCXFeb 23zroni54Enhance logging with levels, timestamp and statusedit
195codefixed2010 JunzroniRZDCX2010 Junzroni11N-EVENT-REPORT Response for Storage Commit always return error to SCPedit
196codefixed2010 JunzroniRZDCX2010 Junzroni11DCXOBJ TransferSyntax (set) method is reverted after saveFileedit
197codefixed2010 JunzroniRZDCX2010 Junzroni11Can't get printer info if printer is only coloredit
198newfixed2010 JunzroniRZDCX2010 Junzroni53Get Storage Commit result N-EVENT-REPORT on requester associationedit
199codefixed2010 JunzroniRZDCX2010 Junzroni33get property SamplesPrePixel in DCXPrintImageBox may return wrong valuedit
200codefixed2010 JunzroniRZDCX2010 Junzroni53Get TM (Time) data element is not identical to setedit
215codefixed2010 AugzroniRZDCX2010 Sepzroni11Memory leak in DCXREQ::Queryedit
216codefixed2010 AugzroniRZDCX2010 Sepzroni32Add large memory buffer to RZDCXedit
218todofixed2010 AugzroniRZDCXDec 31zroni11MASTER TICKET: Split RZDC into two products with and without SRedit
219todofixed2010 AugzroniRZDCXJan 01zroni13Merge brunch to mainedit
220newfixed2010 AugzroniRZDCX2010 Octzroni34Make RZDCX Registration Freeedit
226newfixed2010 SepzroniRZDCX2010 Octzroni43Add interface for association request timeoutedit
227todofixed2010 SepzroniRZDCXJan 01zroni12Merge #216 to
229newfixed2010 OctzroniRZDCX2010 Octzroni31Reduce memory when creating multiframe jpegsedit
231codefixed2010 OctzroniRZDCX2010 Octzroni11Compression of lossy jpeg with single frame failsedit
232newfixed2010 OctzroniRZDCX2010 Octzroni31retention of 0x00080018 tag in clip dcmedit
234codefixed2010 OctzroniRZDCX2010 Octzroni33Storage Commit SCP Accepter should accept SCP Roleedit
235codefixed2010 OctzroniRZDCX2010 Octzroni21Can't delete file when using SetValueFromFileedit
236newfixedNov 18zroniRZDCXDec 19zroni33DICOM Standard 2009 Tags Dictionaryedit
248newfixedJan 22zroniRZDCXFeb 23zroni33New DICOMZER functionalityedit
252newfixedFeb 23zroniRZDCXFeb 26zroni33Add Insert Raw Data to DCXELM for supporting chineeseedit

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  1. The commercial DICOMIZER application is now available for free trial here